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The Global Influence of K-pop

  That was way back in 2012. Korean pop has since reached staggering heights of popularity. This year, the seven-member South Korean boy band, BTS, became the first ever K-pop album to make it to the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with their Love Yourself: Tear.

The new fashion icons for the young generation

  Not only music and dance, but also the dressing of K-pop stars will also bring teenagers’ imitation effect. With the global marketing of K-pop, Korean cosmetics and boutique brand exports are growing year by year. Especially in Japan and China, the neighboring regions are deeply influenced by the “K-pop” culture

   In 2015, South Korea’s cosmetics exports grew by 250% in the Chinese market, accounting for almost a quarter of China’s cosmetics imports. Western century boutiques such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel have sponsored or cooperated with K-pop stars to market young and wealthy Chinese consumers.