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Thank you very much for ordering our goods. I hope you like our goods and services. Please refer to the following instructions for any return and exchange problems within 7 days (including holidays) after the goods are delivered to you:

 [return application description]

  1. 1% based on the importance attached to customer demand and service quality, if the goods do not meet your expectations and there is a need for return / replacement, please keep all data of the goods (including gifts), internal and external packaging, delivery note, paper invoice, etc. completely returned within the 7-day appreciation period (counting from the next day you receive the goods, including the national regulations holiday).
  2. The outer package, its contents and gifts are all part of the goods. Those who apply for return must return the gifts together with the goods. If the gifts are incomplete (such as missing, damaged or missing parts) at the time of return, the remaining price and consumers will be returned after deducting the cost of the incomplete part from the price of the goods.
  3. The return of combined goods shall be returned in a whole group. If the return fails to meet the gift standard, it shall be returned together with the gift.
  4. It is recommended that you use the original outer packaging (carton or packaging bag) to package the goods. Do not write on the original packaging or outer box to avoid damage and affect your return rights and interests.
  5. If you need to return the goods, please bear the delivery freight. Because the products sold by this station are all the original food that cannot be returned after unpacking, to avoid disputes, please do not unpack them before you are sure whether you want to return them.

[failure to handle returns]

  1. The appreciation period is not the probation period, and the goods themselves need to be in a new, unopened and completely packed state before they can be returned and exchanged.
  2. Return and exchange are not accepted for more than 7 days (including the shortage of goods, which cannot be sent back for you)
  3. If the goods are defective, the goods are damaged and the items are wrong in the transportation process, please take a photo and deposit the certificate within 24 hours, and contact customer service immediately, so as to arrange the subsequent return and replacement processing. If the goods are damaged due to human negligence, the return and replacement cannot be accepted.

[refund instructions]

  1. If you make payment by credit card, return goods are recovered and confirmed by the company’s personnel that the goods are correct and free of short and damaged, you will get them back online; the actual entry date of refund is different according to the different entry dates of each issuing bank, please contact the issuing bank to confirm the actual entry date.
  2. If you make payment by other ways, you must provide the correct remittance account number. The company will refund the fee to the bank designated by the customer within 10-14 days (NTD 15 remittance service fee will be deducted).


Again, if you have read and confirmed the above items, you can accept them. When you apply for return, you agree to the above return principle, and accept our handling of invoice cancellation and related subsequent processing matters. If you have any other questions, please call our customer service line, and you will be answered as soon as possible.